Maelstrom Page2 – Behind the Scene

Here’s how I did MAELSTROM page 2.

Compared to the Photoshop illustration on page 1, this page here is done in the most traditional manner. Yes, it’s pen and brush with india ink, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t use the computer at all.

Here’s the layout of the page and the smaller one on the right is how I saw the combination of the first two pages in the event they should be published in a book with vertical proportions.


I then have the board already drawn printed in light blue. Originally, it was supposed to be a page in a different proportion, the whole seen in “portrait” proportions instead of “landscape”. It was supposed to be split into two pages, but I didn’t want to see the picture cut in half.

What I did is print what I had ona “landscape” format and added what was missing in the drawing.

The view from my window. Inspiration?



You can also buy the original art here: