Maelstrom is Back! (to Square One)

Maelstrom has been on hold for a while, but this is a brand new start! Here’s what happened on the way to 2016.

As I explained to my Kickstarter contributors, I discussed the project with Tristan Roulot while attending the Prévost BD comic book convention. I was flattered (and happily surprised) at the enthusiasm he expressed about the Maelstrom universe. After chatting for a while, we came to the conclusion that reworking the storyline together would bring some new energy to the project.

Needless to say, I love Tristan’s writing, especially on Captain Crown’s Will and Hedge Funds, but one can’t rethink a script in one or two brainstorms. Tristan needs to get deep into this universe so we can discuss the nuts and bolts of its structure and only then can he produce a solid synopsis. Not forgetting there are a couple more hurdles : he needs to keep or at least reinterpret the scenes already drawn AND keep the characters created for the Kickstarter campaign.

Meanwhile, I just could not go on and keep drawing pages knowing the final story will end up being different so I had to stop and wait.

So, here we are, here’s the first page for the New and Improved Maelstrom. Of course we have to start the web publication from page one and it might be a wonky read for a while until all the pages and new scenes are stitched together.

I’m sure there will be a WTF moment or two, but it’s part of the fun isn’t it?



Oh, here are a couple of preparatory sketches…


As they say, shown bigger to show texture…



And some help from Google Street view…