Maelstrom 1 p13b

This has been a while since I published a page. This one is a bit different as it is dropped right in the middle of the story I’ve told so far.

I told you I planned to create Maelstrom in an organic manner…

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Maelstrom 1 p21

Last page that needed to be reworked for the new version of the script. If you go back, you will see many panels being redistributed throughout the whole scene. I’d say that about 50% of it was modified of redrawn.

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Maelstrom 1 p20

Another one that’s been reworked to accommodate the modifications in the scenario. Rarely in comic books, do we leave so much on the “cutting room floor“. Especially when working as a writer / artist team, once the scene is written and put down to paper by the artist, there’s not much we can afford to change. Since I do it all myself…

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