3 of a Perfect Pair Camp 2012

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Busy days in the Specimen13 camp. The final tweaks are being made on the official web site and already, there’s a teaser track available for download at our Bandcamp address:  specimen13.bandcamp.com

Please note that this tune is on a Pay What You Want model. You can listen to the whole tune, but hey, if you want to download in lossless FLAC version, just write $0.00 and keep it on your hard drive or iPhone. Neat huh? I’ll let you think of a different price if you want. 😉

But it’s really of a camp of a different type that I want to write about today. The 3 of a Perfect Pair Camp (3oaPP is also on Facebook) is in it’s second year and it’s once again bound to be a success. I designed a t-shirt specially for the event last time and again this year.

Three of a Perfect Pair Camp

Three of a Perfect Pair Camp

The camp will give you the opportunity to hang out, study, jam, practice, all with three King Crimson members Adrian, Tony and Pat. They will be with the ‘campers’ for all meals (excellent, first class food!), classes, and concert (at Woodstock’s Bearsville Theater) the final night.

Now, like any respectable summer camp events, there is story time, but it’s more about touring and funny anecdotes. The classes are really informal and there’s no need to be a skilled musician, you can just sit and enjoy while learning to clap in 7 and 5. Last year, guitar players learned how to play Frame by Frame riff and this year, the focus will be on THRACK.

Here’s a message from Tony: “Thraak Alert! Our music camp is coming up soon, and I want to give a heads up for any registered campers who haven’t checked the website that there’s going to be some Thraaking going on! I’ll devote two of my classes to showing any players who want, the melody and thraaking parts of the piece. Pat will do the same with drummers, and then on Wed. nite, we’ll do a full camp, 60 player version of Thraak, with greatly extended middle improv section, and we’ll record it to take home. Should be wild. t.l.”

Bring your axe, your sticks, and / or your spouse, but don’t miss out on this chance to hang out with Adrian, Tony and Pat. To learn from them, to play music, make new friends, and most of all to have fun doing it.

When: Monday, August 20- Friday, August 24 2012

Where: Full Moon Resort, Big Indian, NY (in the Catskill Mtns.)

Tony levin with 3 of a Perfect Pair Camp t-shirt