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The “Pollcats”

One of my first professional work was for a music paper called Pop-Rock where I did some illustrations and wrote and drew a comic strip. As in many such music publications, every six months or so was poll season. Those polls were meant as a way of finding what the reader wanted to read about, but the picture it gave was a very distorted one.

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How about Fair Trade Music?

Last week I had a nifty blog post nearly ready about Lee Fletcher and his PledgeMusic drive to finance his next project. Circumstances prevented me from finishing it and in the meantime, as luck would have it (said without irony), Lee’s drive has exploded and reached it’s goal in a mere 7 days. No matter, since any extra payments over the set goal will raise quality of the final product AND will also help the Multiple Sclerosis Society, now more than ever, it’s time to help. Here goes:

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Dancing about Architecture? (Part 1)

I’m sure I’ll tweak it some more, but here’s an idea of what we’ll be using for a CD sleeve for our soon to be released EP.

How do we decide what image is to be used? Simple, it’s the image you constantly come back to even after creating many more nifty concepts and it’s the one that after taking a step back, is not too embarrassing to the illustrator.

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