MAELSTROM Gaining Speed

December already?!? Being so immersed in work makes one forget time and place. Last summer, when preparation for the Kickstarter campaign began, Christmas seemed so far away…

Still, a lot has been done during that time. While new music is still hammered into shape, the production of the MAELSTROM graphic novel is getting up to speed. The pages are being sketched and laid out, but yet, I don’t want to rush into finishing pages too fast so I can put more thought into it. Once it’s on the page, that’s it, no turning back.

Along with the graphic novel itself, the Kickstarter pledger rewards are top priority. The stickers are ready for printing, the art for the protfolio is nearly done as is the sketch compilation for the sketchbook and right at this very moment, the website design ideas are brought forth into reality in the virtual world (!).

Maelstrom © Denis Rodier 2014


The process is bit slower than anticipated however, mainly because I wasn’t expecting as many small stumbling blocks. Much of the delay is with finding suppliers for the rewards and a good printer to make it all come alive. These guys don’t seem to have an enormous amount of enthusiasm when it comes to dealing with small independent entities. I can understand (a little), but nevertheless…

So the plan is for MEALSTROM to go live in January, the graphic novel serialization that is. With the new year will come the first tries at combining sound and images and that will be most interesting indeed.