The Specimen13 Graphic Novel on KICKSTARTER

Huzzah! After what it seems to be years of preparatory work, the Specimen13 related graphic novel is in production.


However, going the indie route, while it has its advantages, either as a visual artist or musician, is quite a difficult balancing act. Enter crowdfunding. In earlier posts, I have talked about both Lee Fletcher and Stick Men‘s crowdfunding campaign and tried to explain this new phenomenon.

I’ll skip the details as all the info is contained in the previous links, but with this nifty new concept where you can truly help the indie artist create what YOU will enjoy.

So, here it is, the  MAELSTROM GRAPHIC NOVEL KICKSTARTER campaign.

Here’s the skinny on what I offer you:

MAELSTROM is the story of a young officer sent to save a tyrant by diving into the dark recesses of his catatonic mind. 

The Tsar,  father of the people and sole leader of the state, has fallen into a deep catatonia. Enter a young officer, given the mission to seek the Oracle who years ago, has been imprisoned by the paranoid despot. Using her arcane knowledge, she throws the officer inside the catatonic mind of the Ruler in the hope of fighting off the demonic possession. 

Through his journey in this dreamscape where the Tsar’s past life mixes with his personal demons made flesh, the officer’s faith in the president’s benevolent image will be challenged in more ways than one. And by going deeper into the Dream, he also starts to question reality itself.

Was the officer told the truth about his role? Is he just a pawn in a broader metaphysical game played on a surrealistic checkboard?

The Kickstarter for MAELSTROM Part 1 exists to raise funds to write and draw the graphic novel. Right now, I have finished the plot and have started drawing the first of the two part storyline. When finished, MAELSTROM Part 1 will be a 92 page graphic novel presented in landscape or “widescreen” format. Eventually, I plan to publish the book elsewhere for retailers, but until that time in the future, the story will be serialized on the web exclusively.

Why the web? One word: Multimedia!

While not part of this campaign, future plans will include adding a soundtrack to the comic. The web gives us the opportunity to augment the reading experience with soundscapes and ambient music. 

As you know, Specimen13, has already released  ECHOSYSTEM and the next CD (due next summer) will have music that I hope to add to the web version of the series. 

I will be working hard to finish the first pages by mid-November, so that I can begin to serialize it on the website as soon as possible.

Once the work is finished, DRM free digital version of the book will be available to contributors. However, there will be a lot more rewards in return for your generosity.

The EXCLUSIVE VIP reward will give you an special access to material fleshing out both the story and the universe created around it. This exclusive to pledgers section of the website will open the window to my studio where you will be able to peek over my shoulder while I draw the story. I’ll add sketches, notes, designs and the occasional video where you’ll see me drawing the comic (and we’ll get the ever bashful Martin to show us his guitar antics while we create the music that will accompany the visuals). Along the way, you’ll be able to comment and (maybe) influence the outcome.

There will be an exclusive limited, signed edition of the CREATING MAELSTROM Sketchbook. This Kickstarter project will be the only place to get the Special Edition filled with sketches, notes and designs made in preparation of MAELSTROM.

MAELSTROM Preparatory Sketch
MAELSTROM Preparatory Sketch

I will also offer you great rewards such as original sketches, original artwork from MAELSTROM and even the opportunity to be drawn in the story itself. Hey, how about an original painting?!


Finally, any additional help you can support us with this campaign by posting, tweeting and spreading the word about this project is truly appreciated. Of course, by registering to the Newsletter, you’ll get even more information about Specimen13 and its related graphic novel.

Follow this LINK to the Kickstarter page to see all the details.

Thanks you so much for your generosity and consideration of the MEALSTROM project.