Kickstarter Ends in 3 Days!

One last burst of energy is needed get to that Kickstarter goal! Then, the Specimen13 / Maelstrom project is one more step towards being a reality!

As I write this, only 3 days are left to the campaign and there’s still a chance things might go south. As we stand at this hour, we are only $2545.00 short of our goal.

Suspense, you say?

There are still a lot of cool rewards available, so you should take a look at the KICKSTARTER MAELSTROM page. Need examples? Here are a couple of videos you might have missed. Here’s a reward were you can get a similar painting (subject of your choice, this one featuring a dragon has already been sold) OR this same dragon painting digitally reproduced on a 20″ X 24″ canvas, suitable for framing.

This other one is a cool wooden box with the lid hand painted. Inside is a sketchbook where I’m drawing 10 original sketch. Here’s one in the making

And of course, there is the graphic novel itself.

The basic reward lets you peek behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz. Soon, the website will have a special VIP section with exclusive access to pledgers. There, I will put sketches, ideas and videos such as these that will document the creation of the book. Already, there are four people who have acquired the “Be in the Comic” reward, so you’ll be witness to how I go about making comic book heroes (or villains) out of them.

Here’s a video you will find there.

Obviously there will also be new music and it’s recording, due to start early next year, will also be documented in the exclusive VIP section. Martin and I have already a case full of demos and tunes that we can’t wait to share with you and one of the ways we’ll do it is by using some of them as a soundtrack to the web edition of the comic.

But in the end, it won’t happen without your help.

Once again, go have a look at all the cool stuff we’re preparing for you on the KICKSTARTER MAELSTROM page. I’m sure you’ll find something that will make you and us all happy campers!

A million thanks to you all.


PS: Nous planifions aussi publier le plus de contenu possible en français également. Alors pas de souci, tous les contributeurs y trouverons leur compte.