Lee Fletcher Winner of “Best Producer 2012” Award

Congratulation to Lee Fletcher, winner of the ‘Best Producer 2012’ award at the second annual South West Music Awards following a combined public / industry vote!

Lee, who did an awesome job mastering the Specimen13 ‘s Echosystem release,  had this to say: “[…] it’s just nice to be recognised and told “hey, you’re doing some good work”. We’re all human, and a little encouragement can go a hell of a long way in terms of fuelling our internal ‘feel good’ sensors :-)”

An Award forLee Fletcher

An Award forLee Fletcher

Blogging about it, he adds: “As an independent artist and producer operating without the muscle of a marketing juggernaut getting the music “out there” can be a hard slog, so receiving an award like this is undoubtedly helpful; and maybe, just maybe, as a result the work will travel a little further.”

Along with Fabio Trentini, Lee is part of Unsung Productions with Markus Reuter and Adrian Beanvides who mixed and produced Echosystem. Their website is worth checking along with Lee’s own blog.

Once again, congrats Lee!