Look Mom, I’m in DRUM Magazine (sort of)

The May 2012 issue of DRUM Magazine features our pal Pat Mastelotto. This is not the actual photo in the mag, but as you see from the one I found, his drum kit sports my TU-Yin-Yang symbol which was originally done for the TU CD. Look, right there on the tom.

This, in fact, is just an excuse to talk about music magazines.

We all know magazines (print or web) depend on advertising to survive. And we all know the articles featuring the musician photographed with his shiny guitar are a neat way for  magazine to sell ad space to the same guitar makers. To sell the magazine itself, publishers depend on what some eminent psychologist once called “Gear Envy“.

Most of us are more or less afflicted by this syndrome which makes us like moths attracted to the flame of brightly coloured gear. Women tend to go straight to sarcasm saying it’s a guy thing, you know, guns, cars and other neanderthal interests. While it could be subject to many, many blog posts, let me just state that I’m terrified of guns and I couldn’t care less what kind of car I drive …er …as long as I can fit enough gear and drum cases in them, but I digress. This syndrome also inserts in our brains the idea that we’ll be as good as Vinnie Colaiuta if we buy a yellow Yamaha kit. Very sad indeed.

And this is where, paradoxically, music magazines come to the rescue. See, beside those flashy ads, there are great tips and lessons such as Pat’s permutations in 7/8 taken from “Black Well Monotony” by Tuner and adapted to video on the Drum Mag site to help you become a better musician.

Well I’ll be…

What a dirty trick!