Signing and sketching at Fantasticon Montreal

That’s right, I’ll be at FantastiCon Montreal​ on March 28. I’ll do the usual signing and sketching, but I’ll also bring original art, books and comics. On our menu: Superman, L’Ordre des Dragons and Maelstrom.


Also attending will be my good buddies Jacques Lamontagne, Michel Viau, Yves Rodier (nope, no relation whatsoever) and Jacques Boivin.

It will be my first visit and for a very good reason, this is the very first edition of the Fantasticon, “a brand new convention for collectors of vintage toys, comic books, bandes dessinées and non-sport trading cards”. There you have it.

Hope to see you there.



1023 Boulevard Taschereau
Longueuil, QC J4K

Information :

Rosaire Fontaine  (514) 708-1929