ToPaRaMa CD Released

Following their RaMa EP, Pat Mastelotto and Crimson ProjeKCt partner Tobias Ralph have finally released their ToPaRaMa CD!

And since I’m a nice guy, you can listen to the whole thing here. It’s even better if you click through and get the digital album from Trey Gunn’s 7d Media store. Following the link lets you buy the CD too, even better than the better previous option! Believe me,  it’s the only way to truly appreciate the wonderful artwork! (done by the same nice guy I mentioned earlier)



As a reminder (unless you want to read my full post on the subject of the the album and its sister EP HERE), it’s high octane drumming that fans of King Crimson’s B’Boom will love. In fact they make a nice version of the track here, calling their interpretation BaBABoom.

Yeah, it’s definitely a “drummer’s album”, but no worry, it doesn’t veer into never ending drum solos. It’s just music.