Specimen13 in Full Metal Jacket

Now, Specimen13 really starts the year with a bang.

After so many eventful weeks and some nice reviews of the Echosystem EP (HERE’s one in german), it’s now time to tell you about the first Specimen13 Metal Box. It has been available for a little while now, but we never got around talking about it in this blog.


The Echosystem Special Edition Metal Box package features:

Signed (by both Mart & Denis) copy of the ECHOSYSTEM CD in a special Metal Box
– A signedlimited edition mini print of an illustration by Denis done exclusively for this release
– A newly designed insert with new artwork
– A special download code for an exclusive demo track not found on the CD
– All this limited to 50 numbered copies 


It can be ordered exclusively from the Specimen13 shop where you’ll find more details about this very limited offer.


Our independence from labels is what makes it possible to offer special releases such as the Metal Box, but it also explains why the pace is so slow. Not having the staff from a label to help us promote the CD and set up different deals for merchandize, web and distribution means we have to put the time and effort ourselves. Everything has to be put together from the ground up.

It also means we can’t rely on advance funds that would help us put together a release simultaneously spread on different media fronts. My regular comic book work is financing the whole of the S13 project, but I have to focus on things piecemeal. If eventually one aspect of the project becomes profitable (one can dream), we hope to have it pull the rest along with it. Like a caterpillar walking.

We hope you’ll stick around.