Spinning Plates on Kickstarter!

Man, this week has been one hell of a whirlwind!

A Kickstarter campaign is a LOT of work, guys, and not everything can be foreseen even if you have prepared well in advance. Crowdfunding is a new way of doing things and it’s a learning process for everybody; there are a lot of adjustments to be made on the fly and there are those “D’Oh!” moments.

I just went through a couple of these.

One of them is that I refrained from offering a book edition (you know, the tangible, physical, bound together pile of paper) of the graphic novel. My thought was that people wouldn’t want to wait nearly a year – creating comics take a lonnng time  – to get their rewards. I was wrong.

Since the beginning, almost every comments I’ve had is “where’s the book?” and after Id explain the way I saw things, they’d usually retort “I don’t care, I’m used to wait for my books”. One of them, a major collector, even added that he had books he bought a year ago that he didn’t had time to read yet. The final assessment is that people still love to read “real” books, like me, they love the smell of printed paper.

So, I’ve added ARTIST EDITION MAELSTROM graphic novel  to the rewards. By popular demand as they say.

THE MAELSTROM, ARTIST EDITION GRAPHIC NOVEL will be a signed and numbered hardcover limited edition book that will 96 pages  in a “landscape” format (available in two separate English and French editions). This way, the art will be reproduced bigger than in a regular edition. A signed and numbered book plate will also be included.


Maelstrom – Not final cover

It wasn’t easy to add it to the list of rewards. Kickstarter doesn’t allow for modifications of a reward once someone has purchased it (with good reasons), which is why I’ve instead added rewards that offer the added book option. I’ve also added a nifty graphic to the Kickstarter page. It shows all the goodies you can get in a neat and easy to understand manner.

So, go take a look at the Maelstrom Kickstarter page! Helping the creation of the comic is also a way of pushing the Specimen13 project forward!