Dancing about Architecture? (Part 1)

I’m sure I’ll tweak it some more, but here’s an idea of what we’ll be using for a CD sleeve for our soon to be released EP.

How do we decide what image is to be used? Simple, it’s the image you constantly come back to even after creating many more nifty concepts and it’s the one that after taking a step back, is not too embarrassing to the illustrator.

Oh, and it should also be the image that is the best representation of what the band is about.

This seems obvious, but it’s all about a first impression isn’t it? For a new band who can’t rely on a big label’s promotional machine it obviously hangs heavy in the balance of potential success. With the exponential fragmentation of new styles and sub groupings of sub styles, it’s imperative to be easily identifiable to the casual web surfer. If we’re not too careful, we can easily be deemed, say, a Hillbilly Goth band just by using the wrong iconography.

To illustrate this point (no pun intended), imagine King Crimson’s The Court of the Crimson King using Moon Child instead of the Schizoid Man as a cover illustration!

It’s hard enough to define music (like dancing about architecture once said Frank Zappa …or Elvis Costello, or Miles Davis. Take your pick), it can be commercial suicide to put the wrong stuff on a sleeve. A Heavy Metal CD sleeve sporting a pic of smiling musicians will turn off most fans of the style. A shoe-gazer looking up? Fail! A Goth with non-black apparel? MAJOR FAIL!

So, why did we choose that illustration for the cover? It’s the only one that looked like Specimen13.

Like the music I mean.

In part 2, we’ll (try to) answer the eternal question: “What do you sound like?”