Paying the Price

How many hats does one need to wear to bring a project to life? It seems I’m always asking the question.

Specimen13’s music is created by Mart and I, but apart from that (and the fact that we have friends helping us recording it), the entity’s day to day workload is entirely on my shoulders. Add to that the Maelstrom graphic novel, which is my creation from start to finish.

While it seems like a nice proposition – no one’s looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do – this freedom comes at a price. This price is time or rather, time you don’t have. what it means in the end the multiplication of hats from PR, design, editing, publishing, managing, etc. etc.

I do try to schedule carefully, to compartmentalize by doing the business thing in the morning and free up my afternoons for music or comics creation, but as experience tells us, nothing ever goes according to plan. I must add that when schedules need to be changed, it’s usually because of business imperatives and almost never creative ones.

What suffers in all this? Creativity of course!

This blog post may just be a convoluted way of saying I’m sorry to make everyone wait.