Specimen13 in 2013

S13 in 2013. Call it a numerology woo thing, but I like the sound of it.

Barely stepping into the new year and already, the pace is picking up. Our music has been broadcast quite a few times, most notably on german radio station AFK Max which reviewed a pre-release of the CD and gave it 12/15; it was also featured in the Progopolis Best of 2012 episode of the podcast and Prog-Sphere is including our track Icarus in their Progstravaganza 12 compilation.

The CD is now being offered in many, many outlets. Even Trey Gunn’s own 7d Media Digital Store added it to its catalogue (funny, my artwork is featured on three other releases in there).

But what’s next, might you ask?

Here’s an overview of the project with a few hints about what we are planning for the future.


In short, we are already working on the follow up Echosystem and plans are constantly evolving.

On the visual side, I just finished my comics series L’Apogée des Dragons for Delcourt / Soleil Editions and I’m getting ready to start on the Specimen13 MAELSTROM graphic novel project (you can see some artwork here). Of course, the rest of S13 still needs money to run, so I’ll need to take on another series (I’ve yet to settle on the three possible projects being offered), but at least MAELSTROM will definitely see the light of day. We’re looking into a couple of exciting avenues for its publication; besides the obvious paper / hard copy edition, we’re thinking of doing a serialization on the web. People will be able to see the story unfold right here as it’s being created.



L’Apogée des Dragons – Tome 2

We also want to insert the artwork into videos where the music and art will mesh together, giving the full experience. The way S13 is supposed to be.

These are exciting times for us as the project is gathering momentum. We sincerely hope you’ll be there with us.