King Crimson

Markus Reuter Interview, Part II

STICK MEN is a band that sometimes seems to fly below the radar of most prog fans and that’s a crime. Call me biased (and I most probably am), but solid musicianship coupled with inventiveness should be the definition of “progressive” rock, isn’t it?

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My Desert Island Albums

As you may have seen, there are countless top ten lists popping up on the web. I always regard those with suspicion especially if it comes with a “…of all time” claim, but there’s an element of fun in comparing notes.

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Dancing about Architecture? (Part 1)

I’m sure I’ll tweak it some more, but here’s an idea of what we’ll be using for a CD sleeve for our soon to be released EP.

How do we decide what image is to be used? Simple, it’s the image you constantly come back to even after creating many more nifty concepts and it’s the one that after taking a step back, is not too embarrassing to the illustrator.

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