Maelstrom 1 p20

Another one that’s been reworked to accommodate the modifications in the scenario. Rarely in comic books, do we leave so much on the “cutting room floor“. Especially when working as a writer / artist team, once the scene is written and put down to paper by the artist, there’s not much we can afford to change. Since I do it all myself…

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Maelstrom 1 p12

Knee deep in snow. Feels like home.

While waiting for spring to wake us up from hibernation, the action here is on hyperdrive. The design of the page needs to give a sense of urgency. Smaller, vertical panels will help us get that feeling across.

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Maelstrom 1 p11

Two videos for this post. Again, this page was a tough one. Not because it is a fight scene per se, but because I wanted to show a fight scene in a different way. This is more about the confusion that reigns in such a situation.

Different ideas I tried…

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Maelstrom 1 p10

Big post! This time, the videos are for the whole thing, sketching, penciling and inking. But first, the thumbnail sketches.

This was not an easy scene to direct. Many sketches were needed.

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