La Bombe, our first promo video with interviews in Hiroshima.

This video takes us back to our 2018 trip.

Thanks to our guide Seiji Nakahara, we were able to go deep into the Peace Musuem archives and satisfy our need for information and references on Hiroshima inhabitants’ daily life. Seiji took us beyond the casual tourist and what is the habitual means to get information to make us understand the scope of the terrible event. No one in the team will be able to forget our visit to the still scared places and buildings and the emotions felt during the August 6 ceremony.

Back from our trip, Seiji was generous enough to continue in his help to bring authenticity to our Japanese scenes. For all this, we can’t thank him enough.

La BOMBE, a graphic novel created with Didier Alcante and Laurent-Frédéric Bollée will be published (in French) on March 4 2020 (6 weeks later in Quebec). We are in talks with different publishers to have it translated in English as soon as possible.

Watch this space.