Maelstrom 1 p5 – Behind the Scene

For this one, I hesitated. I didn’t know if this page (and the next) was just redundant and made the action slow down. I still don’t know. You tell me.

What made me keep it is the design, although I wanted to get the story moving progressively faster with more panels per page, the idea was too cool to throw in the dustbin.

That’s what’s so enjoyable about this project, it allows me to experiment and if the bit isn’t any good, well, it’ll just end up on the cutting room floor later on.

The idea for the Raven as a character came on early on and when in need of a narrator, I didn’t have to look around too far. Here’s an early sketch of the beast.


As not to spoil the fun, I won’t show you the full double page design sketch. I’d have to let you take a peek at the next page. You know I’m thinking ahead and planning the pages in both single landscape and double / vertical format for the “paper edition”. The next post will have the full details. Stay tuned.

OK, then comes the dialogue. If putting a tracing paper over the sketch to allow me to jot down ideas in a hodge hodge way while still seeing the thumbnail sketch underneath. As you can see, I used to throw in dialogue notes in the plastic sleeve, but it became hard to manage.


I usually blow up the thumbnail sketch (in light blue) to 11″ X 17″ on bond paper to refine the sketch, but this time, I felt I didn’t have to. I felt there was enough info to start inking right away.


And here’s a couple of reference pictures I used to draw this. (again, I didn’t find the names of the photographers)

raven-pumpkin  raven-doc



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