Maelstrom 1 p12

Knee deep in snow. Feels like home.

While waiting for spring to wake us up from hibernation, the action here is on hyperdrive. The design of the page needs to give a sense of urgency. Smaller, vertical panels will help us get that feeling across.

There’s a sense of time implied in the shape of the panels. Long, horizontal one will give breath and scope, but will also break the speed at which the eye will travel through the page. A short staccato of panels will add urgency. The use of musical terminology is not a coincidence, here.

1p12thmbpic copy

Again, the posing is the main challenge here. Faking the pose will always look… fake. Nothing like asking Dr. Google Image once again.





rifleman-sk rifle

The back of the house itself is… completely faked. There are instances when it becomes totally useless to spend time finding the reference that’s just right, especially when all this work would just be covered with characters and smoke.

And of course, we end with the inking…

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