Maelstrom 1 p13

Closing this sequence, I originally wanted to have the Raven come back within the page. He’s the narrator after all. As you can see from the thumbnail sketches, that didn’t work too well as it was a bit too distracting; it was pulling the eye away from the action too much..

I decided to simply push the Raven out and stick to the main action. In the end, it makes it more dramatic.


Here’s some reference pose for the rifleman.



And here’s the rough sketch for the bad guys turning away from their victim. I had not yet decided on making them silhouettes against the house fire.


As for the inking, here’s the usual time lapse video. The last few seconds are missing, sorry (actually it is the actual inking of the characters in silhouette. That was an afterthought and the camera was not running at the time). 😉

[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”″][/pexyoutube]

And why not end it with a happy baddy…