Maelstrom 1 p19

Let’s follow up with another page from the “old” scene. Some of you will remember it, but in a slightly different way. There I was, rewriting the scenario and realizing that I needed to change this sequence.

But there had been many changes prior to that. You’ve already seen most of what happening here in a sketch shown in the previous post. When I realized it needed two page to create the sequence the way I wanted, the layout needed quite a few tries to get it right.

Here are few thumbnail sketches done in a three inches wide moleskine sketchbook…



The inked version you see below is the page I did, but already cut up (this is a small printout) and repositioned. The pencil sketch above it is the final layout I used…

But let’s talk about the main character, the hero. It’s his first “official” appearance and while waiting for this moment, I went through quite a few tries…

maelstrom-moleskine-hero img20140903_14393700
And of course, you got to get the costume right. Note that I’m not going for an historically accurate look; it’s a fantasy world after all. Jut thought these looked cool…


The end result is below. This is actually a patch done quite recently for the new layout. Funny to think there are a couple of years that went by between the first sketch and this panel…


Here’s the video of the inking stage. I had filmed the pencil stage, but it was all blurry as I had forgotten to make a proper focus.

Just doing one panel allows me to slow down the film, still, I’m not that fast. It’s about twice normal speed. Maybe at normal speed, it would become boring to watch? Like watching the grass grow I guess… 😉

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