My Sketchbook is Here!

Huzzah! Croquis, my sketchbook going to press as I type this! After all this time and all this work, I must say that I’m real proud of the result.

If you were wondering why there wasn’t any new Maelstrom page in a while, here’s the reason. The break neck pace needed to push this into print so it could be ready for the upcoming Montreal ComicCon (I’ll be there) really made me skip a few beats.

Furthermore, it means that I will be able to send more rewards to my Kickstarter contributors. Huzzah indeed!

Here’s a close to finished version of the unfolded cover…


The book will feature 72 full colour pages (plus cover) and features a lot of Maelstrom preparatory work. But just so I don’t bore you with seemingly endless variation of the same research work, I’ve also added a bunch of older sketches done for different projects.

Here are a few of the inside pages…


By using a cream coloured background, I tried to emulate the Moleskine sketchbooks I love and use so often. I also feel it gives a nice tone which blends well with the background sketches.



Now let’s just hope the printed book is up to my expectations.

Fingers crossed…