The Plot Thickens…

Here we are, in the thick of it, at a time where before bulletproof glass didn’t exist.

Drawing a page with only two panels doesn’t mean is quicker to do.

It had to be carefully planned so the impact would carry. At first, I tried a few things with the armoured vehicle in the foreground, but it took far too much from the things we should focus on.


After talking to Tristan, we agreed we should focus on the carriage itself. From there, I sketched a lot of horses which were definitely the hardest things to draw.

Not easy to find good references of such poses either…


Time to sketch the basic shape of the exploding carriage…


Then it’s a matter of combining them together with the help of Photoshop until it makes some sense. Here it is…

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 16.57.58

And the traditional video…

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