New Pages!

Yesssss!! New pages! and a nice, big bunch too! To those who thought we were asleep at the wheel need to hold on to their hats…

I must admit it wasn’t really as fast a ride as I’d hoped, at least, Tristan and I are on a good cruising speed. But honestly, this time the drag was more about the bugs in the web comics posting. Yan is doing an awesome job on the website, but he has to stretch the coding to its limit on this. There are many apps / plugins for web comic publishing available, but none of them really did what we needed it to do. The one we found that was the closest had – we found out later – quite a few bugs (again, it may be due to the unusual demands we ask of it). For example, when translating a post to french and hitting the update / save button, everything is sometimes saved in the original language! The french translation just disappears. One has to carefully dig out the right version of the earlier autosave of the work one has just lost. Scary.

That’s why I’m waiting to have a nice pile of pages before I publish and also why I’m trying to simplify the process as much as possible to be able to concentrate as much as possible on the important stuff… stuff like drawing the MAELSTROM comic.

And now, the preparatory work…

Here, we have a scene with Kyril (pg 36) which later on, has Saskia taking his place…




First version of “the Chair”…







And Saskia…



To conclude, and again, in the aim of simplifying things, there won’t be individual pages for sale. For now at least. I’ll try to add them as time allows, but in the meantime, if there is one that strikes your fancy, just contact me directly for details and prices.

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