Arale, the Graphic Novel

The word making the rounds is that blogs are a thing of the past. I must confess that I tend to lose track myself. Should I move on to other newer, trendier things? This right here IS in blog form, but hey, it is first and foremost about Studio News, isn’t it?

So, as most of you know, Maelstrom has been a great adventure with many stumbling blocks, but we managed to see that the project finally saw the light of day. Tristan and I are really proud of this book and needless to say that it wouldn’t have been as good without the amazing contribution of colourist, Bruno Tatti.


The project you may have been following in these very pages is now called Arale and Dargaud is publishing it. There is no English edition as of this writing (it is coming out in digital form I’m being told) however, as well as the French edition (obviously), there are Dutch and German translations available.

As far as the reception, we were surprised to see so many good reviews such as this one from Branché Culture (in French). The cover was later voted cover of the month by Samba BD and later, it was deemed the third best cover of 2018.


So, what are you waiting for? Go get your copy right now! 😉