Joe Shuster Awards Nomination

More good news! Tristan and I have been nominated for Best Writer and Best Artist of the year at the Joe Shuster Awards.

The Joe Shuster Awards are Canada’s national award recognizing outstanding achievement in the creation of comic books, graphic novels and webcomics. The awards are named after pioneering Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster who, along with writer Jerry Siegel, created the iconic super-powered hero, Superman, a character I’m somehow attached to (I don’t know why…).

To quote the website: “Canadian creators have mostly functioned within the American and Franco-Belgian comic-book industry and traditions, which is why we recognize Canadian creators who work within the framework of the larger comics ‘industry’ rather than only those creators who only published their creations within Canada alone.” In my opinion, this policy centred on the authors rather than the geographic location of their publishers results in a more accurate profile and better recognizes the creativity of Canadians and Quebecers.


The nominees will be announced in two rounds. Later this month they will be announcing the nominees for the other categories and the ceremony will be held in September.

Again, it seems that our hard work on ARALE, and mine on MAELSTROM before that, is bearing fruits.