At Long Last, La BOMBE!

The word is out : La BOMBE, a new graphic novel created with Didier Alcante and Laurent-Frédéric Bollée will be published in 2020 !

La Bombe
(for now, in French only. We hope for a translation soon.)

The incredible story of the most terrifying weapon ever created.

On August 6th 1945, an atomic bomb destroys Hiroshima. Casualties are in the tens of thousands. The world discover with horror the first weapon of mass destruction. But how, by whom and in what context this instrument of death was ever created?

BOMBE couv

A true saga running 450 pages, this graphic novel relates the events leading to this historic event that will commemorate its 75th anniversary in 2020. From the uranium mines of Katanga to Japan by way of Germany, Norway, the USSR and New-Mexico, there is a succession of incredible but true events that led to the end of WWII.

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Vidéo : Oppenheimer

All those stories told from the characters’ perspective – politicians (Roosevelt, Truman, …), well known scientists (Einstein, Oppenheimer, Fermi…) or virtually unknown, but major actors like Leó Szilàrd (the main character of our tale, a scientist who moved mountains to get the US to build the bomb… only to be the first to advocate for not using it in the end!), Ebb Cade (and Afro-American worker who was administered plutonium without consent or knowledge to study its effects on the human body) or Leslie Groves (the US Army general who ran the Manhattan Project with an iron fist) – last but not least, Hiroshima and its people, a city which war time appearance was carefully reconstructed by the authors, going as far as doing research on site during the summer of 2018.

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Video : Ebb Cade

Historically accurate to the finest details, but still a true page turner, La BOMBE is already a reference on the making of the atomic bomb.

In bookstore in March 2020 !

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