Maelstrom 1 p18

A page that was done a while ago. Originally, this scene was written as the beginning of the story. But then, one gets (over?) enthusiastic and starts adding stuff while waiting for the website to be ready. Is it possible that being late with the website had unforeseen advantages?

Maelstrom 1 p15

Page 15 is from of a scene I did earlier as part of the initial Kickstarter campaign. This is were I settled on the style and realized this is what was needed for Maelstrom. But how about the process that brought me there?

Maelstrom 1 p13

Closing this sequence, I originally wanted to have the Raven come back within the page. He’s the narrator after all. As you can see from the thumbnail sketches, that didn’t work too well as it was a bit too distracting; it was pulling the eye away from the action too much..

Maelstrom 1 p12

Knee deep in snow. Feels like home. While waiting for spring to wake us up from hibernation, the action here is on hyperdrive. The design of the page needs to give a sense of urgency. Smaller, vertical panels will help us get that feeling across.

Maelstrom 1 p11

Two videos for this post. Again, this page was a tough one. Not because it is a fight scene per se, but because I wanted to show a fight scene in a different way. This is more about the confusion that reigns in such a situation. Different ideas I tried…